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Pick of the Week: Fresh Air’s Interview with Pamela Adlon

January 8, 2012
Fresh Air – Interview with Pamela Adlon
Release date:  January 4, 2012
Host: Terry Gross
Time: 46:39

The title of this podcast on iTunes caught my attention – how did the voice of wholesome Bobby on ‘King of the Hill’ become a co-star in a show called ‘Californication?’ I tend to enjoy Terry Gross’s interviews with comedians and actors. People who make their living telling stories often tell good stories in interviews, and Terry Gross seems more playful (but ever mindful of what one can say on NPR) when interviewing comedians and actors.

Pin the tail on the donkey

Pamela Adlon talks with Terry about her roles in ‘Californication,’ ‘Louie,’ her voice-over actress roles in anime and animation, how she got started in acting, as well as her real-life role as a single mom with three daughters. She talks about the joy of sharing her work in ‘Monk’ and the ‘Tinker Bell’ movies with her daughters and the challenges of sheltering them from her work in ‘Californication’ when information is so accessible on the internet. She describes how the innocence of her presentation to second graders about her acting career during Career Day was interrupted by students relaying their parents’ questions about ‘Californication.’ She also tells a story about how she reacted when her daughters found a picture of her being spanked playing pin the tail on the donkey on a Californication DVD in a video store.

Near the end of the podcast, Terry asks Pamela to tell the great (but yet-to-be-told) story she’d mentioned before the interview. Part of the story happened just a few hours before the interview. Like Pamela’s other stories in the interview, it doesn’t disappoint.

If you enjoyed this podcast, I’d also recommend Terry’s interview with Louie C.K. which aired last month (December 13, 2011).

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