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Pick of the Week: Love + Radio – The List

January 21, 2012
Love + Radio – The List
Podcast release date: December 21, 2010
Time: 35:54

On the way home from work on Wednesday, I listened to last week’s episode of Wiretap (“All the World’s a Stage”). At the end of the show, they thanked Brendan Baker of the Love + Radio podcast for mixing part of the show. I hadn’t heard of the Love + Radio podcast before, so I made a mental note to look up the podcast when I got home.


I found the Love + Radio podcast on iTunes and visited their website to find out more about the podcast episodes. Most of the episodes had a large photo, a “Listen” link, credits, and songs included in the episode. All of the episodes on iTunes had the “explicit” tag. I downloaded a few episodes without really knowing what I was downloading. Thursday morning, I burned “The List” episode to a CD so I could listen to it during my commute to work.

Thursday evening, as I was driving home and listening to the rest of the “The List,” my concerns of the day drifted away as I focused on Adam and Meghan, the main characters in the story. Items on the list framed and introduced different parts of the story. In the beginning of the story, the list seemed like a list of goals anyone might have, but by the end, the list took on a greater significance.

When I got home Thursday evening, I visited Adam’s website and Meghan’s blog to find out more information about the story. I’m still reading the blog and thinking about the story. I also downloaded a few more episodes from seasons one and two of Love + Radio. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Season Three episodes.

When I started this blog, I thought I’d be picking my favorite podcast released during the past week. This week, I realized I’m more interested in featuring my favorite podcast that I listened to during the past week, regardless of when it was originally released.

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