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Pick of the Week: Under the Sun – Curses, Criminals and Canals

May 13, 2012
Under the Sun – Curses, Criminals and Canals
Podcast release date: May 3, 2012
By Terence Cantarella for WLRN Under the Sun
Time: 8:14


A couple Miami-Dade County canals

Under the Sun is radio program and podcast produced by WLRN that tells the stories of south Florida. Terence Cantarella, a father of twins, FedEx driver and occasional contributor to WLRN in search of adventure, pitched the idea of exploring Miami’s canals via canoe to WLRN. His idea turned into the Canoe Project, which involved him paddling along some of Miami-Dade County’s canals for four days and documenting his trip.

In “Curses, Criminals and Canals,” Terrence Cantarella tells the story of his trip along Miami canals in April 2012. Part of his motivation for the project is a desire to have a true adventure in south Florida and to demystify the canals. Canals run along many backyards, roads and highways, and through some of the best and worst neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County. I’ve seen a few fish in these canals, but I don’t know what lies at the bottom (mutant alligators living in sunken cars?). Although Under the Sun’s Bringing Clarity to Miami’s Murky Canals look at what is in the canals, Terrence Cantarella’s adventures revolve around the people and animals he encounters along the canals.

If you enjoy this story, you can see photos, a map of his route, and links to videos and other podcasts related to his trip at WLRN’s Canoe Project.

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