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Pick of the Week: The Moth – Tom Herndon & Christine Blackburn: StorySLAM Favorites

June 5, 2012
The Moth – Tom Herndon & Christine Blackburn: StorySLAM Favorites
Podcast release date: May 29, 2012
Time: 14:36

I listen to most podcasts on my commute to work during the week. On weekends, when I’m going places with my wife in my car, she often asks, “Do you have any stories?” Some weeks, I struggle to pick a story that we’ll both enjoy from the podcasts I’ve listened to during the week. However, by the end of the week, I knew I’d play this week’s Moth stories for her this weekend.

This Moth podcast features stories from two different story slams. Moth story-telling competitions that take place throughout the U.S. Although the stories have different themes (“Busted” and “Rules”), both stories take place in airports and/or airplanes. The first story, told by Tom Herndon, describes how 10-year Tom and his mom pass the time during a six hour layover in the Chicago airport. The second story, told by Christine Blackburn, recounts some of her adventures as a airline stewardess trying to play by the rules when the rules stop making sense. Tom Herndon’s story was my favorite of the two, and my wife thought these were some of the best Moth stories she’d heard on our weekend drives around town.

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