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Pick of the Week: Freakonomics – Please Steal My Car

July 7, 2012
Freakonomics – Please Steal My Car
Podcast release date: July 5, 2012
Hosts: Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt
Time: 22:59

When I was a freshman in high school, I remember that my English teacher occasionally set aside a few minutes at the end of class where he allowed us to ask him any question (personal or otherwise) we wanted. We wrote the questions on cards, and he would shuffle through the cards, answering the questions he felt like answering and passing over others. During these question and answer sessions, I liked the temporary freedom we had (we could ask any question) and that the teacher had (he only had to answer the questions he wanted to answer).

Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt do something similar in this week’s episode of Freakonomics, which they devote to answering freak-quently asked questions that listeners have submitted. The questions range from how they would spend the money if they won the lottery, what are their current obsessions, and the importance of insurance to what food should be served at a book club that’s reading “Freakonomics.” Stephen Dubner usually does most of the talking during a typical Freakonomics podcast, but the freak-quently asked questions episodes involve conversations between Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt.

I’d also recommend the freak-quently asked questions episode Freakonomics did this January (Why Is “I Don’t Know” So Hard to Say?). My favorite question from the January episode: “Why do people feel compelled to answer questions that they do not know the answer to?”

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