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Summer podcast picks

August 27, 2012

I haven’t added a post for awhile, and with the end of the summer approaching, I thought I’d list some notable podcast/radio events and some of my favorite podcasts from this summer.

1. Love + Radio season 3 begins
The long anticipated season 3 of Love and Radio began on May 23 with “The Fix,” a story about Jason Leopold, who’s an investigative reporter and author of “News Junkie.” This is my favorite episode of the season so far, and I read parts of “News Junkie” to learn more about the story told in the podcast.
2. The 99% Invisible Kickstarter fundraising campaign
99% Invisible used Kickstarter to raise funds for it’s third season, which I think will start in September. They reached their initial goal ($42,000) in a day, surpassed their goal of 5,000 backers at any level of support, and raised over $170,000.

My favorite episode of 99% Invisible during the past few months is Episode 59- Some Other Sign that People Do Not Totally Regret Life, a story about the fusion of poetry and architecture.

3. This American Life – Our Friend David
David Rakoff, a frequent contributor to This American Life, died on August 9. This episode uses some of his contributions to This American Life to tell some of the story of his life.
4. Under the Sun – Remembering Hurricane Andrew
Under the Sun, a podcast focusing on south Florida stories, created a series of short stories about people’s experiences during Hurricane Andrew and an hour-long podcast for the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew (August 24).
5. The Moth – Three of my favorite Moth stories from the past two months

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