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The story of “Sleepwalk with Me” (as told through podcasts)

September 10, 2012

Lots of podcasts have been promoting the movie “Sleepwalk with Me” lately, especially as it’s being shown in more theaters this month. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve listened to parts of the story Mike Birbiglia tells in the movie and some of the stories behind the making of the movie thanks to the following podcasts.

The Moth: Sleepwalk with Me
Mike Birbiglia started telling this story in comedy clubs before he told it at The Moth in New York City in 2008. At the beginning of this podcast, The Moth talks to Mike Birbiglia about the movie and his experiences telling stories at The Moth.

This American Life: Fear of Sleep
Part of the story originally aired on This American Life’s “Fear of Sleep” episode on August 8, 2008. Mike Birbiglia originally told this story at The Moth (see a link to the unedited Moth story above) earlier in the year. This American Life’s edit is my favorite version of the story so far.

Selected Shorts: Young Men on the Make
Selected Shorts rebroadcast their “Men on the Make” episode which was originally released on April 3, 2011. Mike Birbiglia tells the story of traveling to Los Angeles in hopes of getting a sitcom deal. This story was part of his one-man off-Broadway Show “Sleepwalk with Me,” which he performed from November 2008 to early 2009.

Fresh Air – Mike Birbiglia, ‘Sleepwalk’-ing on the Big Screen
Terry Gross interviews Mike Birbiglia (director, star, and screenwriter) and Ira Glass (producer and screenwriter) about the movie, with a focus on the making of the movie.

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