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Pick of the Week: Tig Notaro on This American Life and Fresh Air

October 12, 2012
Largo at the Coronet by travelswithtwo, on Flickr
Largo at the Coronet
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License
Photo by Travels With Two,

This American Life: What Doesn’t Kill You

The first act (“Too soon?”) features parts of a stand-up routine Tig Notaro did at Largo this August, just after she was diagnosed with cancer. Since her diagnosis, she’s had a mastectomy which removed the cancer and she’s doing well. The excerpts of her show, occasionally interspersed with commentary from Ira Glass, are edited to focus on the story of her life during the past four months, which includes even more tragedy than her cancer diagnosis.

Fresh Air: Tig Notaro On Going ‘Live’ About Her Life
Terry Gross interviews Tig Notaro about her stand-up routine she performed at Largo and also includes a few excerpts from her set. She talks about why she did the show, audience reactions during the show, how she felt then, and how she feels now. After Tig Notaro’s performance at This American Life’s live shows earlier this year (Act two of “The Invisible Made Visible”), Ira Glass invited her to contribute another story to This American Life. This story ended up being the story she told at Largo. Terry Gross also asked her about her early days as a musician and comic. If you plan on purchasing the entire set, I’d recommend listening to the set first, then listening to the Fresh Air interview.

You can purchase the entire set for $5 on Louis C.K.’s website and also read a message from Louis C.K. about why his is selling her set on his website.

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