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Pick of the Week: Selected Shorts – Favorites from One Story Magazine

October 20, 2012
Selected Shorts – Favorites from One Story Magazine
Podcast release date: October 11, 2012
Time: 58:45

This week, Selected Shorts featured three stories from One Story Magazine. Even though the magazine has been around for ten years and I’m a big fan of short stories, I didn’t know about One Story Magazine until this week. The magazine is published approximately every three weeks and consists solely of one short story.

Although I enjoyed all three stories, my favorite of the three was “Balloon Night,” written by Tom Barbash and read by Tom Cavanagh. The story takes place at one of the Balloon Night parties, one of the parties held in the apartments along the block where balloons are inflated for the Thanksgiving parade the next morning. The main character, Timkin, is hosting the party on his own. His wife just left him, but he isn’t ready to let his guests know this fact, and he isn’t quite ready to accept it either. The description of party makes it seem magical, from the wide range of guests, the balloons outside, and the tradition involved to the idea of escaping from a truth for a night.

One Story Magazine has an excerpt from “Balloon Night” (Issue #95 of One Story Magazine published on July 10, 2007) followed by a short interview with Tom Barbash on their website.

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