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Pick of the Week: New Yorker Fiction – David Sedaris reads Miranda July

November 10, 2012
New Yorker: Fiction – David Sedaris reads Miranda July
Podcast release date: November 1, 2012
Time: 31:14

The New Yorker: Fiction is a monthly podcast which features a writer reading one of their favorite stories that’s been published in The New Yorker. For this podcast, David Sedaris chose to read Miranda July’s “Roy Spivey,” a story about how an encounter with a celebrity in the first class section of a plane changes a woman’s life.

I hadn’t read or listened to “Roy Spivey” before this podcast, but I’ve watched several of Miranda July’s films (“Me, You, and Everyone We Know” and “The Future”) and read some of her other short stories. David Sedaris mentions that reading “Roy Spivey” in the New Yorker introduced him to Miranda July’s work, and he read her books and watched her movies later. David Sedaris reads “Roy Spivey” with a care and fondness that made me feel like I was reading and discovering Miranda July for the first time with him. I enjoyed his discussion of the story afterwards with Deborah Treisman (fiction editor at The New Yorker), too, and liked his comparison of Miranda July to Lorrie Moore (both authors use humor, even though their stories can be sad or even tragic).

If you want to hear more podcasts featuring Miranda July, you might want to listen to
Selected Shorts – It Chooses You: An Evening with Miranda July from February 2012 (one of my March podcast picks) or On Point with Tom Ashbrook’s “The Mind Of Miranda July” episode from November 2011.

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