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Pick of the Week: The Moth – Me & Her & It

April 16, 2013
The Moth – Me & Her & It
Podcast release date: April 8, 2013
Time: 20:16

In this episode of The Moth, Peter Aguero tells the story of his wife’s struggle with epilepsy and his struggle to help her and keep her safe. After his wife’s seizures become more severe and frequent, they decide to go to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City to try to induce and document the seizures in hopes of finding a way to prevent the seizures. The story starts with Peter meeting his mom at Penn Station to visit his wife in the hospital traveling to the hospital via the subway. Peter gives detailed descriptions of the subway ride, the subways stations (especially the 168th Street Station), his mom’s reaction to the subway, and his wife’s epileptic seizures. Although the story focuses on his wife’s epilepsy, New York City, his mom, and his struggle to find help figure prominently in the story, too. Peter Aguero is a masterful storyteller and expresses a wide range of emotions while telling the story.

If you enjoy this story, I’d recommend listening to some Peter Aguero’s other stories, such as Me and Mama vs. Christmas.

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