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“Remember that many people listen to the radio in their cars. That’s
why radio should never be boring, or people will fall asleep. Good
radio saves lives.” – Joe Richman, Producer of Radio Diaries, in the “Teen Reporter Handbook”

A few years ago, I started listening to podcasts to maintain my sanity during my commute to work.  Podcasts not only made the commute bearable, but enjoyable and often educational.  They let me listen to shows that I wouldn’t normally hear on the radio in rush hour traffic.

I plan to write about my favorite podcast episode that I listened to during the past few weeks, but sometimes I end up writing about multiple podcasts less frequently. I like podcasts about science, economics, music, fiction, news, pop culture, technology, and design. Most of all, I love good stories.

Listening to podcasts while driving

Me listening to a podcast while driving home. (Photo courtesy mborrero)
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